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Urban Green Lighting Project

Green lighting definition

1. Adopt high-efficiency, long-life, safe and stable lighting electrical products (electric light source, electrical accessories, lamps, wiring equipment, and dimming control and light control devices) to create an efficient, comfortable, safe and economical Lighting environment.

2. The green lighting project requires lighting energy saving, which is not completely energy saving in the traditional sense. This has been clearly described in the “Green Lighting Project Implementation Plan” in China, which is to meet the lighting quality and visual environment conditions. High requirements, therefore can not rely on reducing lighting standards to achieve energy savings, but to make full use of modern technology to improve lighting engineering design level and square weeping, improve lighting equipment efficiency.

3, the implementation of green lighting projects, can not be simply understood to provide efficient energy-saving lighting equipment, efficient equipment is the material basis of heavy play, but should also have correct and reasonable lighting engineering design. The design is overall, and it plays a decisive role in the implementation of green lighting requirements. In addition, the operation and maintenance management also has many neglected functions. Without this factor, the implementation of lighting energy conservation is not complete.

4, high-efficiency lighting equipment is an important basis for lighting energy, but lighting equipment is not just a light source, light source is the primary factor, has been recognized for people, but not unique, the efficiency of lamps and electrical accessories (such as ballasts), energy saving for lighting The impact can not be ignored, this is often not noticed, such as a diffuser with a diffuser, or a straight tubular fluorescent lamp with a grille, high efficiency and high quality products can be more efficient than low quality products 50% to 100%, which shows its energy-saving effect.

5, high-efficiency light source is the primary factor in lighting energy conservation, we must pay attention to the promotion and application of high-efficiency light source. However, some people simply promote the promotion of high-efficiency light sources to promote energy-saving lamps (where the energy-saving lamps are specifically for compact fluorescent lamps), which is very incomplete and very harmful, because there are many types of light sources, and many efficient ones should Promotion. In terms of energy efficiency, it has the same effect as compact fluorescent lighting (such as straight tube fluorescent lamps). At present, higher luminous efficiency (such as high pressure nano lamps, metal halide lamps), these high efficiency light sources have their own characteristics and advantages. Each has its own place of application, and it is by no means a simple alternative to a class of energy-saving light sources.

According to the spirit of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government of Guangdong Province [2012] No. 113, three years of popularization of LED lighting in the public lighting field, and encourage EMC contract energy management model. Our internationally renowned LED manufacturers in the United Nations, invest heavily in urban green lighting projects Construction, building urban green lighting.