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Energy-saving Industrial Park

With the increasing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection in cities, some industries have become "expelled" industries. On the one hand, local governments are facing the pressure to maintain economic growth, to achieve performance and to achieve important political results; on the other hand, industries need to survive and enterprises need to develop, and this contradiction is becoming increasingly prominent. How to get out of the predicament? "Building energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial parks" arises at the historic moment, concentrating on similar industries or enterprises with high energy consumption and pollution, or rationally planning energy allocation and layout according to industrial supply chain relations or industrial layout requirements, building energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial parks, making unified energy-saving investment and intensive environmental protection treatment. On the one hand, high-tech means and intensive management can be adopted. At the same time, EMC investment mode can reduce the one-time centralized investment and reduce the cost pressure and risk of enterprises. The advantages are obvious.