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Cold-cogeneration Project

Combined Cooling Heating Power (CCHP) refers to a comprehensive energy system that uses natural gas to drive generators to generate electricity and recover waste heat for heating in winter and cooling in summer. It can be used for building or energy supply in a region. The technology of C H P has been successfully applied in the world by transforming the thermodynamic rationality of merit first and heat second into the economy of operation.

Basic concepts of CCHP

The working principle of CCHP system based on gas internal combustion engine is as follows: using high-temperature flue gas generated by natural gas combustion to work in internal combustion engine, converting part of heat energy into high-grade energy, using waste heat recovery device to recover the heat of cooling water, oil cooler and cooling water of gas cylinder liner in gas internal combustion engine. The first two kinds of heat are The main sources of waste heat recovery are flue gas temperature above 400 degrees, which can be used to make steam or hot water from waste heat boiler, dual-effect absorption refrigeration and heating water, low-temperature flue gas (130-170 degrees) and cylinder liner cooling water (85-90 degrees) after primary utilization can be used for single-effect absorption refrigeration and heating water, and heat exchanger can be directly used for heating and heating water. In order to maintain the proper temperature range of the engine cylinder, the heat of the cylinder liner water should be preferentially utilized to form the CCHP system with different configuration modes according to the different recovery methods of the water from the flue gas cylinder liner.

According to the technological conditions of large-scale energy-using enterprises or parks and the layout of cold and hot energy use, our company designs a scheme of cogeneration of cold, heat and power, which makes cascade use of different quality energy, improves the efficiency of energy utilization and reduces the emission of carbides and harmful gases. Realize the system engineering of scheme design, project implementation and project investment.