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Garbage Power Generation Project

The solution of garbage power generation project is solid waste produced in human daily life and production. Because of the large amount of discharge and complex and diverse components, it brings difficulties to disposal and utilization, pollutes the environment and affects environmental health. Garbage disposal is to remove the garbage quickly, and do harmless treatment, and finally make rational use of it. Fertilizer and incineration are widely used nowadays. The purpose of garbage disposal is harmlessness, resource utilization and reduction. However, the most effective and environmentally friendly disposal method is garbage incineration and power generation.
Waste incineration technology, like other treatment technologies, has undergone a process from simple to complex, from small to large, from batch furnace to semi-continuous furnace. Intermittent incinerator has a history of nearly 120 years, and the earliest semi-continuous mechanical furnace has been 60 years since its appearance. In the 1960s, with the development of garbage incinerator, it has gradually become a modern industrial device integrating high and new technology. To this end, the disposal capacity of the world's largest refuse incineration plant has reached nearly 1000 t/d.
At present, incineration technology has been widely used in many countries as an effective means to make waste harmless, reduce and recycle.
At present, Germany has more than 50 garbage incineration power plants, and cogeneration is adopted. The remaining heat is effectively used for urban central heating or industrial steam. Taiwan, with an annual disposal capacity of 718,000 tons, can handle 4.1% of the household waste generated by residents. By 1995, the number of incinerators had increased to 53, with annual waste disposal reaching 10,000,36%. Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and other large cities use 10-17% of their electricity from waste incineration.
There are about 300 garbage incinerators in France, and the incineration rate of municipal garbage reaches 55%. There are four garbage incinerators in Paris, with annual disposal capacity of 1.7 million tons, equivalent to 200,000 tons of oil, which provide about one third of the total steam supply of Paris City Heating Company. At present, many developed countries have banned landfill refuse, and adopt the mode of waste incineration to treat municipal domestic refuse, making municipal domestic refuse the real office of the State Council on the issue of the "12th Five-Year Plan for the Construction of National Urban Domestic Waste Harmless Treatment Facilities", requiring that the technology of municipal domestic refuse harmless waste incineration should reach more than 35%, and 48% in the eastern region. More than%.
According to the characteristics of high moisture content, high non-combustible content and low calorific value of garbage in China, Guangdong Yigao Energy Co., Ltd. has introduced the world's advanced Ruihe flue gas purification system and the whole set of proprietary technology for garbage leachate treatment, and has its own waste heat boiler production and manufacturing plant.
The use of international advanced DCS control system ensures that the waste incinerator maintains the best thermal radiation effect, dries the garbage quickly, optimizes the garbage incineration effect, and generates British. Combining with advanced flue gas purification technology, the emission of flue gas from garbage incineration power plants can be ensured to meet the international advanced standards.