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1. Eacoon burner uses high-energy ignition gun. Compared with the ignition electrodes used in other ordinary burners, Eacoon burner has the characteristics of long arc, high ignition success rate and stable performance. It makes up for the shortcomings of common burner ignition electrodes such as easy coking, deformation and carbonization under high temperature environment.

2. Eacoon's high-energy ignition gun and oil gun are equipped with high-stability pneumatic propulsion exit device, which avoids the distortion or damage caused by the radiation heat of the furnace after the burner shutdown and effectively reduces the failure rate.

3. Eacoon burner is specially equipped with pneumatic sealing gate. When the burner is not running, the oil gun and ignition gun exit, and the pneumatic sealing gate closes, thus isolating the furnace and burner and protecting the equipment from high temperature damage.

4. In hazardous waste, Eacoon burner adopts Austrian CTP-DUMAG brand multi-fuel spray gun, which ensures that the burner nozzle is in the center of the burner, the air distribution is uniform and symmetrical, and the combustion effect is guaranteed. It does not need to consider the exit device of multiple guns to reduce the space occupied by the burner shell.

5. Eacoon burners are equipped with independent PLC control cabinets. In solid waste industry, it can greatly reduce the demand side's programming work in DCS, and effectively control risks.

6. Eacoon burner adopts electric adjusting damper and air duct, which is more safe than ordinary burner with only big and small fires. It can better satisfy the burner's fuel quantity control with furnace temperature regulation and overcome the serious problems of damper stickiness.

7. The configuration of Eacoon burner is never too small, which can better meet the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for "loading, trees and links". When the calorific value of garbage is different, the upper furnace temperature is easier to reach above 850 degree C. Eacoon burner is based on more stringent environmental protection regulations, referring to the regulation that the temperature of the furnace can reach 850 C during the process of heating up, and the Eacoon burner meets the relevant regulations.