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In the MSW incineration power plant project, Guangdong Eacoon provides users with start-up burners and auxiliary burners, using one-in-one or split-in-one models, fueled by light diesel. In addition, it also provides the service of burner retrofit for garbage power plant. In the hazardous waste incineration project, Guangdong Eacoon provides users with standard rotary kiln and second combustion chamber burners fueled by light diesel or natural gas. When waste liquid needs to be incinerated, the design is provided by European partners, using special customized burners and waste liquid spray guns to meet customer needs. Eacoon Partner STIEFEL Group was founded in 1973. Its headquarters and production center are located in Wetzikon, Zurich, Switzerland. STIEFEL Group is committed to waste incineration and power generation. Its core equipment is waste incineration, hazardous waste incineration and sludge incineration system. It has many inventions and patented technologies. The company has the ability of Engineering design, project construction, commissioning and maintenance.